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Recruitment Automation Software and Tools for Your Hiring Process

Build your plan one block at a time with Recruitment Automation Software

Improve candidate experience and reduce costs with Talkpush.

One Geo,
One Channel

Starting small is easy with Talkpush, as it can be deployed for a single channel (e.g. just Facebook or just Indeed) or a single geography. We recommend you start with your most high volume channel, where thousands of interactions are too time consuming for recruiters.

Global companies processing more than 2,000 hires per year.
  • Automate interaction with potential candidates to bring them to the point of application
  • Activate a bot, your Facebook Page, WhatsApp line or Career Site
  • Sort up to 10,000 inbound inquiries into talent pools
  • *Price above assumes annual pre-paid plan. Surcharges apply otherwise.
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One Geo,
Multiple Channels

Delivering a consistent, real-time omnichannel experience candidates, whether they come from job boards, social media or your employee referral program.

Global companies processing more than 2,000 hires per year.
  • Activate a native “Quick Apply” option across all your key sourcing channels
  • Optimize conversion rate for each sourcing channel
  • Centralize lead collection in a single interface to facilitate re-engagement
  • Track channel performance and manage cross-channel duplicates
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The best sourcing strategies are designed locally to be adapted to local audiences behavior and media habits. Talkpush is the global partner that support local sourcing strategies, while consolidating the data globally.

  • Engaging conversationally with candidates in their local language
  • Adapted to sourcing in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America
  • Dashboard to track performance at the domestic and global level
  • Deep bi-directional integration with your global ATS or HRIS
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It’s a numbers game


Reduction in
Cost Per Hire.


More Hires
per Recruiter.


Shorter Time to Fill.


Hiring Conversations per Annum. More than any other vendor.


Intents understood by our NLP.
Largest conversational database in recruitment.

Recruitment platform trusted by the world’s best companies

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