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We are hiring!
Graduate Program

We are looking for the leaders of tomorrow, bright, adaptable, comfortable with numbers, enthusiastic with technology’s promise, to join our Graduate Training Program. We offer 2 career paths: one focusing on the tech side, the other one on the business side.

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Can you answer “yes” to all these questions?

Did you graduate from university after 2020?

Do you have real-world experience? (i.e part-time job, on the job training, freelance)

Do you want to fast track your career by getting exposure to multiple practices in the field of business or engineering?

If you have to choose between joining a startup or a large company, would you go for the startup, even if it means working with slightly less structure and support?

Are you a quick learner that can absorb a lot of numbers and best practices in a short amount of time?

Which programme is right for you?

Select the Graduate Business Trainee program if you want to learn how to work with customers.
Select the Graduate Engineering Trainee program if you are an engineer, keen to build technical expertise.


Is this paid?
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Yes, absolutely. The compensation is specified in the job description.

Where is the work located?
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We are a fully remote team, which means we are happy to hire the right talent wherever we can find it. That means we’re happy to take candidates from all over the world, as long as they have a good internet connection!

Can I have an office?
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Some Talkpushers work from home, some like to come to a co-working space, that’s up to you, but Talkpush can cover the costs for you to be in a co-working space if that’s your preference.

Does this lead to full-time long-term employment?
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We put together this program to find great talent that we will nurture for years to come. The objective for us is to hire every graduate that comes out of the program, as long as they meet the expectations and that they love the work of course.

Who will guide me with my journey in this program?
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Talkpush offers a fast-growing startup environment where trainees will have the opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a variety of roles. Over the course of a 6-month program, you will join 2 departments (one of your choice) where the leader of the department will guide you through.

I am still studying. Can I still join this program?
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Yes, definitely.

When can I expect to hear from you?
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The recruitment process usually takes around 2-4 weeks. Nevertheless, our recruiters will keep in touch with you.

I got the job at Talkpush! Anything I need to know?
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Congratulations! When you start your new position at Talkpush, our recruiters will guide you through the on-boarding to learn more about Talkpush and our services. Moreover, you will meet each different department.

If I have any further questions relating to recruitment matters who can I contact?
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For further information you may write to

Recently graduated....

The following 4 trainees have graduated from the program and moved on to join Talkpush full-time.

Business Trainees

Julian Video PreviewMajo Video Preview

Engineering Trainees

Ruzcko Video PreviewKez Video Preview

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