You’ve been asking for it for years… Finally WhatsApp is opening its API for business accounts! Talkpush is working with Nexmo to integrate its CRM with WhatsApp. This means your business can finally access 1.5 billion WhatsApp users!

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Reach 1.5 billion active users

WhatsApp Business + Talkpush CRM = an enjoyable candidate experience.

Talkpush CRM was designed for messaging. It was initially built to support SMS/Text messaging, and later added the integration with Facebook Messenger as soon as the API became available (summer 2016).

We believe that employers have a responsibility to treat candidates with the same love and care as they treat customers. This starts with designing a recruitment process which makes the life of their candidates simple. Offering candidates a digital assistant which can direct their applications via their favorite messaging app is a big step in the right direction.

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Your talent pool lives on WhatsApp

Being candidate-centric begins with being available

Of course, making it easier for candidates to reach you is a no brainer. When you remove barriers between you and your talent pool, you can expect your numbers to grow and that comes with a few challenges:

  • How do you get back to everyone in time?
  • How can you direct the incoming inquiries to the right jobs?
  • How can you answer all their questions?

By integrating your WhatsApp Business account with your Talkpush CRM you are able to sort, screen and engage with a large volume of talent while maintaining a positive experience, with a short response time, a personalized and customized candidate experience, and a direct link to your recruitment team. With Talkpush you can funnel your applicants from social media, job boards, career pages, employee referrals and more directly to WhatsApp. Click here to schedule a demo of the Talkpush CRM (to see how to implement it alongside your Whatsapp Business account).

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5 reasons to integrate WhatsApp Business with Talkpush CRM


Have a 24/7 open door policy: we design and activate a conversational agent (aka “chatbot”) that is ALWAYS ready to answer incoming inquiries from candidates.


Help incoming candidates: Candidates have many questions. Which position is right for me? What openings do you have in my vicinity? The Talkpush bot will guide them in real-time to the right job.


Screen and schedule: Candidates are asked questions, their answers are analyzed and the shortlisted ones are then automatically scheduled for a face-to-face.


Handover from bot to human: On WhatsApp CRM, recruiters take over from bots to talk with the candidate directly. Bye bye emails (and their lower read and response rates).


Beyond the job application: Adding a connection on WhatsApp allows you to keep the conversation going beyond the initial job application.