The world is our talent pool

We have offices in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Costa Rica, Delhi and Manila. All this traveling can be exhausting at times, but the effort is well worth it. First, it allows us to understand local markets better and to build recruitment experiences that are adapted to the local culture. Secondly, it means we attract a great diversity of talent. For each new role, we try to hire the best person, regardless of where he or she is located. Being so spread out also means we have to make an extra effort to stay connected, so we make extensive use of messaging and video to make sure everybody stays in the loop. We also get together a few times of year for some quality bonding time.


Things that we believe in

Everyone has a voice. Everyone has something to offer. So how come so many candidates never get a chance to be heard? At Talkpush, we take down the invisible wall that stands between candidates and recruiters. We make it easier for conversations to start. We do our part in making the world a more connected and productive place by starting thousands of recruitment conversations every day.

We are technologists and humanists. We believe software is designed to serve humans, not the other way around. Automation should be a gradual process built around the user. We design software which is human-centric and mobile-first.

We also love speech. Actual spoken words. Why limit yourselves to the written word if candidates want to speak to you? Speech is more natural, intuitive and data-rich. Messaging is our preferred communication technology, because it allows for more conversations to happen simultaneously.


Our work culture

Every day, Talkpush is making it easier for good companies to hire good people, and that makes us feel great. Admittedly, we have a short attention span but that’s because our days are packed. Making recruitment processes simple is a lot of work. We get it done, removing one barrier at a time.

Some of us work from the office, some of us work from home. We don’t keep track of time. We don’t count the amount of vacation we take. Some of us wear suits, some of us wear shorts and sandals. We don’t think the work/life balance debate makes much sense. We come to work because we want to change the world every day, a little bit at a time. Honestly, it’s the only way to Live.

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About Talkpush

Talkpush is making volume hiring fun and personal again. Talkpush is a recruitment platform that leverages the power of messaging and social media. The solution consists of Stanley, a recruitment chatbot compatible with Facebook and WeChat, which conducts interviews and an application management tool, which allows recruiters to evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before.

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