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Optimizing the Candidate Experience While Making Connections Easier for Recruiters

How Alorica Shortened their Hiring Cycle by 50%

Alorica, a global BPO, with offices in every continent, has over 100,000 employees world-wide. With such a huge audience, Alorica uses a regional approach when it comes to their recruitment operations, choosing strategies and solutions that adapt to each of their local markets

It was under this premise that Alorica Central America and the Caribbean (including Panama and Jamaica) began the shift from manual recruitment operations, to an automated process that would provide a fast and easy journey to all of their candidates.

With Talkpush as their CRM and chatbot, Alorica is now automating 95% of top-of-funnel recruitment tasks, freeing up their recruiters to focus on top talent while giving every candidate a delightful experience.



more than double their usual candidates


less time than ever before

Time saver

didn't have to waste time manually sifting through forms
Marvin V.
Director, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

“When making the leap towards employing a conversational agent to interact with candidates, it was important to choose a vendor that would understand cultural behaviors towards chatbots.”

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Maximizing Benefits

With Talkpush's custom bots, Alorica was able to offer a localized experience to each of their markets in Central America and the Caribbean. Taking into account linguistic patterns and local preferences, they were able to design the ideal candidate journey, boosting their satisfaction and completion rates.

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