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Meet Jonathan

An excellent salesman who’s always looking to level up his career with no time to waste.

Jonathan is a young professional who wants to crush his sales quota and become one of the youngest people to move up the corporate ladder. He spends his free-time learning about the latest market trends, signing up for all kinds of webinars, and of course, building his professional network. Jonathan will jump at an opportunity to fast track his career.

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I need all the details about this job

Before applying to the position, Jonathan would like to know if the job would help fast track his career. He wants to know about the responsibilities, the culture, anything to make his decision easier.

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Simplify the process for Jonathan
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job filters

Allow candidates to browse through opportunities based on a what matters to them

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24/7 Chatbot

Candidates can ask questions before applying. With the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Talkpush chatbots can recognize and answer questions from candidates at any time of the day.

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Job Cards

Skip the external links and let candidates read through the details of the role without having to leave the platform.

I can only give you 5 minutes of my time

Jonathan is a multitasker. He’s always networking with companies, arranging meetings, and more. He browsed for jobs online, and is ready to chat right now — before his calendar gets filled up again.

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Make it easier for Jonathan
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Skip the career website

Provide an interactive application experience on the platform of their choice. Give them the option to complete their application via FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, or Instagram.

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Automatic Shortlisting

Filter candidates automatically based on a predetermined criteria and notify them in a matter of minutes what the next steps are.

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Self scheduling

Send shortlisted candidates a link to schedule their interview based on their availability, and remind them when the date is near.

I'll keep you in my contact list

Although he can't always say yes to new job opportunities, he keeps a large list of contacts for the future. Who knows, maybe he can work with you in 6 months time?

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Keep jonathan on your contact list
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Browse through candidates based on the assigned recruiter, their last engagement and whatever attributes you would need.

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Bulk Messaging

 Invite previous candidates to reapply after a few months without having to resend it one by one to each candidate.

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Messaging Tokens

Use tokens to customize messages and make your candidates feel special.

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