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Meet Angela

Mother of three, re-entering the workforce, with a can-do attitude and a no-drama policy

For the past few years, Angela has been staying at home with her three kids. She’s now ready to re-enter the workforce. She used to be a store manager, and she hasn’t lost a step but she worries the gap in her resume might hurt her chances.

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I don’t want to commute more than 30 minutes

Angela is flexible on the job scope, but she’s imperative on one thing: she needs to be able to get home to her kids in 30 minutes or less. She’d appreciate it if employers would let her know if they have something that meets this criteria before spending time on long application processes.

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Map out your candidates based on their home location and automatically allocate them to the jobs near them.

24/7 Chatbot

Candidates can ask questions about the jobs before applying. The NLP understands their questions and provides real-time answers.

Advanced Filters

Allow candidates to easily search for opportunities based on location or other criteria. 

Am I being rejected from jobs for being a mom?

Angela would excel if given the opportunity, but the long gap in her resume means she is getting automatic rejection from employers who use AI without thinking. She knows lesser qualified candidates are getting interviews at places where she has been rejected. It's upsetting of course.

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Make it easier for Angela
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Build your own filters

Rather than rely on the screening and scoring engines of a third-party (which may not be right for you or your candidates), set up your own criteria on who is shortlisted and moved to the final interview round. 

Optional Resumes

Candidates can apply by answering open-ended questions via voice, video, images and text to showcase their personality and strengths. That gives everyone a fair chance and aligns with performance better than resumes.

Assess Skills that Matter

Integrate with any assessment solution to send shortlisted candidates links in real-time, store their scores so they move to next steps immediately.

3 kids, 20 ongoing job applications

and a bunch of other things to worry about. Angela is busy! Who can’t relate? Between driving the kids, taking care of the house, making sure everybody’s fed… It’s easy to lose track of her status for every single job application she’s sent out. She keeps on missing important deadlines or information through traditional communication like emails or phone calls (if she even gets those, most of the time she’s trying to figure it out on her own.)

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Help out Angela
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Automated Reminders

Send your candidates reminders about their status and remaining steps through their preferred messaging channel.

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Self Scheduling

Send shortlisted candidates a link to schedule their interview based on their availability, and remind them when the date is near.

Skip Career Website

Let your candidates apply where and when it’s convenient. Give them the option to complete their application via FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Instagram.

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